Why are we doing this?
Electric Juice was founded in Switzerland to help smokers cut down on their consumption of harmful chemicals. It all started when we were introduced to vaporising as a healthier alternative to smoking, and as sporty people, we were very happy to jump on the vape train! Unfortunately good eliquid was hard to come by, as a result we started developing our own eliquid, to enjoy flavours and more importantly, stop us from performing badly on the Swiss Alps (yeah right..).
Our Mission
To create liquid that is easily accessible, tasty and provide a unique experience, enabling you to cut down or even eliminate your smoking habit!
Our Vision
Our vision is to be the most flavoursome and high quality product in the market. We want to bring you the most gorgeous and satisfying taste in every inhale and exhale. Finally, we want to assist you into becoming a seasoned Vaper and to eliminate your smoking habit once and for all.